ZenAsFuck™ TerpSerum™ – #1 Luxury Brand – True Connoisseur Grade – 86%-90% THC Consistently!

Looking for a market advantage? Something Truly High-End? Outstanding Quality? Consistently??

Well you can smile… because you have found ZenAsFuck™ TerpSerum!! 100% Authentic, extremely high-potency, all-natural & Never Diluted. No Glycerin, no PG, no fake terps (and No Vitamin E Acetate or any other diluent of any kind). Ever. A rare gem of pure goodness, and we’ve got the FLAVOR in every way… WE ARE THE REAL ZENASFUCK™ LUXURY BRAND.

Our TerpSerum™ is truly a connoisseur level product at its finest! The ZenAsFuck™ proprietary extraction methods allow us to capture the volatile, yummy cannabis terpenes and flavonoids first, then fully process the distillate to an extremely pure state. This allows us to offer a stunning (and very Real) 86-90%+ THC content with a terpene/flavon content ranging between 3-6%! Yaas! This product is dope AF and you simply MUST try it to fully realize how spectacularly different we really are. We LOVE everything about cannabis, and it shows in everything we do.

ZenAsFuck™ TerpSerum™ is a genuine HIGH-END product in the truest sense. We are fully aware there are “cheap” carts out there, and if that is what you are looking for you are in the wrong place. However, if you are someone who understands that authentic, high-quality, high-end products are what your customers both crave and deserve, then we are the gold mine that can help you achieve a huge following of happy, satisfied and LOYAL return customers, and can do so for the long term, consistently. Everyone feels special when they have access to something luxurious and exclusive, and this is exactly the reaction you will get to ZenAsFuck™ TerSerum. We guarantee it!

Not only is our TerpSerum™ extremely pure with absolutely ZERO additives, but we only use premium (American!) .7g custom designed ccell cartridges which provide a significantly better experience all the way around. No leaking, no need to pre-heat, no maintenance… and your customer can access ALL their product right down to the last drop. (And did we mention they genuinely hold the FULL amount of product?!?) The flavor is unmatched, they work well with both low and high heat, and our cartridges will NEVER burn out your pen. Without exception, ccell cartridges are the must-have standard for a care-free, connoisseur level vaping experience! You can tell the difference immediately. #Truth (Note: due to purity and viscosity, our cartridges do not work well with disposable pens)

We have spared no expense in producing ZenAsFuck™ TerpSerum™, one of the highest quality and highly sought after products on the luxury cannabis market to date. EVERYTHING about us is luxe, from the product itself, to the cartridges and packaging we use, to the absolutely exceptional customer service we offer. If you are a serious and business minded individual and you are ready to expand your clientele & increase your revenue, then we encourage you to contact us! We are well known for our stellar delivery record and our team of unrivaled customer service reps who are waiting to assist you, even with marketing.

Our Large Strain Variety GUARANTEES something for everyone, including Runtz, Chiquita Banana OG, Lemon Gelato, Snoop Dogg OG, Sherbet Cookies and many more! For your convenience we have posted our strain list within the images, and detailed information about our products and strains may be found on our website: zenasfuck.net

Our Response to COVID19: We are named an Essential Business, and as such we are taking a monumental amount of caution in protecting our clients and ourselves. ALL ZenAsFuck employees have been TESTED – all negative. Every employee wears nitrile gloves and masks at ALL TIMES. We also practice social distancing at all times, including during packaging and production, and our facility is sanitized twice daily. GUARANTEED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Note: Here is the 100% truth no one tells you – If you think you are buying any REAL Dank, Heavy Hitter, Stiizy, Cookies, KingPen, Drip, Brass Knuckles, Rove etc etc etc outside of a dispensary – YOU ARE NOT. They are ALL counterfeit, regardless of what you are being told. This is genuinely a case of “you are going to get what you pay for”. #IFYKYK

SAMPLE ORDER – 10 carts – $200 Standard MOQ – 50+ carts – $18ea

Customer Service – via text: (702) 825-5226

Customer Service – via email: [email protected]

ZenAsFuck™ Customer Service Hours:

M-F 9:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.

Saturday  10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Sunday 12:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.

WEBSITE: https://ZenAsFuck.net

IG: https://instagram.com/ZenAsFuckCarts

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/ZenAsFuck

Stay ZenAsFuck!  Namaste Bitches.

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