ZenAsFuck™ “Living CBD” 800mg TerpSerum Cartridges!! #1 Luxury Brand

ZenAsFuck™ now offering LUXE – Living CBD TerpSerum by CBDiva™!

Each LUXE “Living CBD” TerpSerum 1 gram Cartridge boasts 800mg of Live CBD, and less than 0.3mg of THC (fully legal and 100% compliant in all 50 States!) and 60mg – 100mg of Natural Cannabis Terpenes! Just like our original TerpSerums, the purity, potency, flavor and effect is simply UNMATCHED in the CBD industry to date.

ZenAsFuck™ Stands Behind the quality of ALL of Our Products Offered 100% –  NO Dilution, Thickening or Thinning Additives, NO Artificial Flavors, Fake Terpenes or Fillers. EVER.

We invite you, and even ENCOURAGE you, to attempt to find another CBD Vape product anywhere on the market that offers you this high of quality and 800mg per cartridge! As I am sure you are aware, most CBD Vape products are 150 – 500mg tops, the average being 250mg! Additionally, the LUXE Living CBD Vape Cartridges we offer are not only significantly higher in the valuable CBD content, but they are also highly pure and 100% clean, not containing the waxes and other plant compounds found in traditional CBD vape cartridges. More over, standard “Full Spectrum” CBD cannot even come close to competing with the authentic medicinal terpene content of LUXE Living CBD TerpSerum, nor the health benefits your clients seek these types products for.

Always Lab Tested. Always Pure. We Guarantee it!

Sample Pack – 10 Cartridges $200

Standard MOQ – 50+ Cartridges $18 each

Contact Client Services via Our Text Message Relay Line: (702) 825-5226 for inquiries and/or to place your order.

Stay ZenAsFuck!

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