ZenAsFuck™ GENUINE Connoisseur-Grade TerpSerum Carts – 90%!!! – Wholesale Only.

If you are genuinely  tired of all the crap out there and you are READY to make some REAL $$, you have found the right vendor! We are ZenAsFuck™ , a fully branded and high quality producer of AUTHENTIC TerpSerum™ cartridges. We have a dedicated following already, and can help weight down your wallet!

What exactly is TerpSerum™? The Purest High Quality Distillate and the Purest Cannabis Terpenes… Nothing Else.

Our mission is to provide true concentrate and cannabis connoisseurs with EXACTLY what they crave, and we have truly succeeded. We promise you we only use top-shelf, terpene rich cannabis FLOWER, and it totally shows through in our product. We never, AND WE MEAN NEVER, add any glycerin, PG, or any other gross tasting and unhealthy substances to our product. As a matter of fact, we do not add ANYTHING else to our product. PERIOD. Additionally, we test the flowers BEFORE we use them, so we can guarantee no BS! (bad shit)

Everything about ZenAsFuck™ has been 100% customized for us ONLY, from our packaging design to the premium vape carts that carry our TerpSerum™. You will find our custom designed cartridges will provide a SIGNIFICANTLY better experience for your customers. Utilizing the finest Japanese ceramic and an innovative design that uses nano holes for improved airflow, these .5g carts can handle high or low temperatures equally, even with thick, highly viscous distillate such as ours. Does that really matter? HELL YES! Smoother hits, fuller flavor and no compromise to potency whatsoever…. and you can reach ALL OF YOUR PRODUCT, down to the last drop. Whether you’re a vaping connoisseur or just love to get high, you should demand excellence across the board… including product delivery.

Look, we fully understand there are “cheaper” carts available here. I think we ALL KNOW that is exactly what they are… CHEAP. Heavily cut (if you are lucky), entirely counterfeit, fake, knock-off mudwater! Your customers are tired of this being their only option, and you can trust this: if they are NOT aware that the products are FAKE, they ARE aware that they are bad. And aren’t you? (Of course you are) If you want proof that people are both aware and tired of all the crap products, just take a look at our Instagram account. Each “FAKE SHIT” post we do has thousands of likes. What’s worse, all of those carts are WELL KNOWN to be highly contaminated with pesticides, highly cut with glycerin, destroy the pens they are used on…. and worse. It’s all over the internet, and the companies whose products are being knocked-off are very forthright in posting about it. Not EVEN ONE cart branded as: Brass Knuckles, DANK, Exotics, King Pen, Heavy Hitters, Stiizy, MarioCarts (etc) that are being sold outside of a dispensary, are real. #Truth

We know this ad isn’t for everyone. Either you see it or you don’t. If you don’t care about how bad those carts are and you would rather pay a cheap price for a cheap product and continue with that grind… go ahead. We are looking for SANE, SAFE, INTELLIGENT, PROFESSIONAL and PROFIT DRIVEN partners who understand that both they and their cussies deserve better (or at least the CHOICE …) I am sure we can agree that when it comes to our cannabis, if given the choice people who smoke cannabis will always choose the best we have the option and means to buy… and catering to this fact is what actually makes $$BANK$$.

Our product sells for $40 – $50 each, depending on your market area, and generally sells for $45 in dispensaries. Working with us not only guarantees you product quality & consistency and top notch reliable customer service, it will increase your profit margins. It will develop customer loyalty and repeat business. They will love our TerpSerum™, they always do… and so will you.

SAMPLE ORDER – 10 carts – $200 Standard MOQ – 50+ carts – $18ea. (Orders over 1000 get discount)

Customer Service – via text: (702) 825-5226

Customer Service – via email: [email protected]

ZenAsFuck™ Customer Service Hours:

M-F 9:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.

Saturday  10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Sunday 12:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.

WEBSITE: https://ZenAsFuck.net

IG: https://instagram.com/ZenAsFuckCarts


Stay ZenAsFuck!  Namaste Bitches.

Really wish BudBay had a ratings and reviews system!

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