Top shelf Light dep and Indoor units available year round.

All of our product is grown at our own farms from growers with 20+ years experience. All hand trimmed with fresh crops that come down every 2-3 weeks. We get new strands in constantly. I understand that you might be skeptical doing business with someone whom you’ve met on the internet, but my team and I are not in this industry to rip people off, our clients see that and stick with us because thats hard to find nowadays. I work with trustworthy family who are reliable, and consistent. This is our business, if your looking for a REAL California connect with great product, we are the source. We also have distillate, cartridges, shatter, and wax. distillate goes for 5k a liter. Give me a call/ text if interested. Also willing to meet in person at one of my shops if you would like. Your future self will thank you for choosing us to work with. Shipping friendly. #Rollinglouddistribution

Mike (562) 252-6810

Steve (424) 302-2346

G (424) 230-2147

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