Oregon Indoor Top Shelf Cookies strains (no Greenhouse or Light Dep)

Current Menu:

Cookies and Cream, and Gorilla Glue #4

My grows are all indoor under 1000 watt HPS lights with premium nutrients and are hand trimmed. Equipment and procedures are top notch and I have spared no expense to ensure a top tier product.

$1400-$2000 (shipped including guaranteed delivery)

No consignment

In-town pickup or shipping available

Available year round

Minimum amount: QP, HP, 1 lb+

Text 503-558-4311
Please make initial contact via text. Communication through Signal Private Messenger is preferred but normal texting/calls are OK as well.

Btw, i have golden shatter which is made from a mix of the current strains on the menu.

Sold By : MJMcCann