Cookies Mix Snap and Pull (closed loop BHO) Available

This Snap and Pull is a mix of:

Cookies and Cream, Sunset Sherbet, Gorilla Glue #4 all of which are indoor grown and top shelf..

It’s made from nugs and sweet leaf extracted in a closed loop extractor then purged for 5 days. It’s smooth with a strong and sweet aroma.

negotiable donation

Minimum amount: 2 oz

In-town pickup or shipping available

Text me App 503-558-4311
Communication through “Signal” app is preferred

I also have 25mg THC gummy candy available.


What is PULL & SNAP?  All-natural very high potency CO2 concentrate enhanced with our strain-specific terpenes for full flavor without any additives. PURE, ALL NATURAL ADDITIVE AND FLAVORING FREE PERFECT CONSISTENCY FOR DABS

Sold By : MJMcCann